We wish you all the best, Happy Retirement Hank!

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We wish you all the best, Happy Retirement Hank!

Largo, FL – While the transportation world is broad, its also a family where people get to know each other at industry events and committees, sharing ideas to improve what we do. For the past 47 years, Hank Lahr has been a part of that family!

Hank kicked off his transportation career in 1973 working at the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), playing a fundamental role in the original LRS (location referencing system) implementation. It was “designed to bring Pennsylvania’s State-owned roadway feature data into a verifiable, flexible, and constant engineering standard.”, and is still used as the foundation of PennDOT’s Roadway Management System (RMS). He was with PennDOT through 2012, supporting LRS maintenance, leading PennDOT’s transition from Profile Index (PI) to International Roughness Index (IRI), and setting up PennDOT’s Lightweight Profile Certification Program and certification test track, while ensuring accurate and efficient monitoring and management of the State highway network. He later joined our ICC family and, until now, worked alongside the Engineering team improving ICC’s collection software and leading new release efforts. Recently Hank assisted with ICC’s Connect software development and was a key member of the testing team.

As we head into Thanksgiving, all of us at ICC wanted to take a moment to thank Hank for his dedication and hard work to our industry and our company.  Dear Hank, we wish you the best on your next adventure! Congratulations on a well-earned retirement! 

Happy Retirement! 

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