Road Data Processing & Delivery from non-ICC Data Collection Vehicle

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Road Data Processing & Delivery from non-ICC Data Collection Vehicle

All-in-one data visualization of project network from 3rd party collection equipment using ICC’s Connect™ processing & visualizing software

Case Study

Location: The City of Livorno, Italy
Customer: Civil Engineering Company in Europe

Project Challenge: To help our client, an active civil engineering company, better organize, process, and understand the road data they had collected with their current collection equipment. They were also in a time crunch, due to their already busy schedule, when they asked ICC for support. It all started from general discussions on how International Cybernetics (ICC) could help with processing vast amounts of data from their current non-ICC vans. Based on a demonstration with their own data, they chose ICC to help them with this challenge.

ICC Engineered Solution: The civil engineering firm collected the data for a local municipality in December using their non-ICC data collection equipment and sent ICC the raw data in January. One of our pavement engineers, Danilo Balzarini, Ph.D., collaborated with the client to define the data dictionary and scope of work. ICC was able to turn around the processed data and deliver it in only a month! Danilo was supported by Geoff Dew, Data Processing Manager, and his specialized team.

Presently, the engineers at the civil engineering company are working with ICC’s Connect™ processed road condition data, allowing them to provide further consulting and services to their client.

“We were able to deliver the results in less than 20 business days. The client’s team was incredibly responsive to clarifying requirements and the ICC team rapidly addressed the special challenges arising from processing another equipment’s data, including software development. Together we did a great job!”  ~ Danilo Balzarini, Ph.D., Pavement Engineer

Technology: – roadway condition data processing software | Designed to help automate the major steps in data processing, network matching of collected data, as well as distress identification. Connect™ provides an intuitive and powerful environment for processing collected road condition data from pavement survey vehicles. Connect™ enables equipment operators to summarize and view data in a way that amplifies data interpretation, while still maximizing the life of their current collection equipment.

Connect™ Is available in 8 languages with more on the way.

image body: Data visualization on kml

Equipping Data Driven Decisions.

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Downloadable file > Italian Data Delivery – Case Study 2021


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