IrisGO Pave Surveys the Port of Miami Tunnel

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IrisGO Pave Surveys the Port of Miami Tunnel

Miami, FL – With an economic impact of $43 billion and generating more than 334,000 jobs, the Port of Miami is known as a global leader in commerce and tourism. Its PortMiami Tunnel provides direct access between the seaport and highways I-395 and I-95, enabling entry to the port, and has also been recognized as the gold standard for tunnels in not only Florida but within the nation.

The maintenance of the Pavement Condition is important to the reliability and operation of the tunnel. With its concrete pavements and passing under the water, there are project-specific solutions provided through the IrisGO Pave equipment and Connect processing software to ensure project success!

A critical onboard subsystem, found on all of ICC’s collection systems, is the Atlans A7 from iXblue. Able to operate in GNSS denied, multipath or difficult environments, such as tunnels, it offers undisturbed navigation, accurate georeferencing, and support for precise referencing in data collection.

With accurate location information, ICC’s Connect can provide its advanced spatial matching, as well as advanced processing capabilities for concrete pavements. Connect’s customizable report builder makes concrete-specific rehabilitation planning easy!

Need support with a pavement condition survey,

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