Incorporating Long-Term Vision for Communities

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Incorporating Long-Term Vision for Communities

When we spot kids zipping around our neighborhoods, it’s a playful reminder that they’re not just adorable little users of today’s roads and sidewalks – they’re the future bosses of roadway assets – inheriting what we build and maintain today.

When it’s time to doll up our urban digs, let’s chuck the “fix-it-when-it-breaks” mentality out the window. Let’s embrace a grander vision, fueled by the desire to gift our kiddos a world that’s a few notches better than the one we inherited. Because, after all, they’re the ones who’ll be taking the reins.

Let’s band together to construct and care for an infrastructure that doesn’t just make our lives easier today but also throws a high-five to future generations. Here’s to building a community that shines bright for the tykes of today and the leaders of tomorrow.

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