Celebrating Educators & Honoring Teacher Appreciation Week!

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Celebrating Educators & Honoring Teacher Appreciation Week!

This week is Teacher Appreciation Week!

From May 6-10, let’s unite in celebrating the amazing educators who shape the minds and hearts of future leaders! At the heart of the education system are dedicated teachers who work tirelessly to ensure students have the opportunity to succeed. Committing to great schools for every student is unwavering, and it starts with honoring the educators who make it all possible. As Becky Pringle, NEA President, puts it, “Every student – no matter the color of their skin or the area code they live in – deserves educators who are caring, committed, and have the resources they need to help every student succeed.”

Reflecting on the profound impact teachers have had throughout history, the journey to recognize and appreciate educators has truly been a collective effort. From Ryan Krug’s advocacy for a national day to honor teachers to Eleanor Roosevelt’s instrumental role in its establishment, teacher appreciation has been valued for some time! Today, as Teacher Appreciation Week and National Teacher Day are celebrated, remember the words of Matthew Powell, Custodian Supervisor at Kentucky Education Association, who wants to remind everyone of “the influence and power we have in the lives of our students, in our schools, and our communities. That power is available to each and every one of us, every day.”

To educators everywhere, thank you for your dedication, passion, and commitment to nurturing the next generation of leaders. Your impact reaches beyond the classroom, and for that, we are forever grateful.

Have a favorite educator who inspired you? What did they do to support you and lead you to where you are today? Shout them out!

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