Navigating the complexities federal agencies face in pavement management necessitates a holistic and dynamic strategy that merges advanced data gathering, expert analysis, inventive solutions, effective stakeholder communication, and cutting-edge technological applications.

Choosing our team for your pavement management initiatives equates to entering a strategic alliance that propels federal entities toward unmatched achievements. We offer nearly five decades of experience in precision data collection technology and nearly 40 years in pavement and asset management, positioning us as your trusted partner.

Our state-of-the-art, American-made solutions set new industry benchmarks for accuracy and innovation. Since unifying our team in 2022, we now operate the most extensive fleet of data collection vehicles equipped with the latest IrisPRO Pave technology, enhanced engineering processes, and a growing team of specialists. A substantial $5 million investment in our Unify™ software suite significantly elevates data quality and processing speed.


Constrained Budgets

Federal agencies often face fiscal limitations that challenge the comprehensive management of infrastructure needs. Our track record includes aiding agencies in securing funding beyond allocated capital plans, enabling the acceleration of essential projects and urgent maintenance.

Aging Infrastructure

With a significant portion of national roadways in suboptimal condition, our expertise in lifecycle analysis, pavement design, maintenance strategies, budget optimization, and performance monitoring is critical for revitalizing aging infrastructure.

Data Management

Accurate, timely, and reliable data collection is vital for prioritizing maintenance and enhancements. Our extensive fleet and experienced team ensure unparalleled data integrity, crucial for informed decision-making.

Emergency Response

Rapid response to unexpected events like severe weather or accidents is crucial. Our proactive infrastructure management approach is key to ensuring public safety during crises.

Technological Integration

Keeping abreast of and integrating new technologies is vital for modernizing infrastructure management. Our significant investment in software development enhances data collection, analysis, and visualization capabilities.

Regulatory Compliance

Adhering to comprehensive regulatory frameworks requires specialized expertise. Our team of dedicated pavement engineers, the largest in the industry, ensures compliance with federal, state, and local regulations, maintaining safety and standards across all projects.

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