Dallas, Texas

To meet a tight reporting deadline for Dallas, Texas, IMS deployed five (5) LCMS-2-equipped data collection systems in the winter of 2022 to collect 6,000 miles of roadway condition data in less than three (3) months. Our team collected a pilot area of data early in the project to ensure that the city’s team agreed with the results of our condition rating, the results of which were reported according to both the Pavement Condition Index (PCI) method described in ASTM D6433 and the Pavement Surface Cracking Index (PSCI) method described in ASTM E3303. Reported PCI values were used to track the city’s year-over-year pavement deterioration trends and to justify funding requirements.

The IMS Team also collected 300 miles of Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) data. This information was used to identify the location and extents of composite (i.e., asphalt overlay concrete) pavements for upcoming rehabilitation activities. Knowing and validating the limits of composite pavements helps the city better estimate rehabilitation costs.

Lastly, the IMS Team co-presented with the city’s team at the 2023 APWA PWX conference in San Diego, California to showcase the potential benefits of incorporating the ASTM E3303 PSCI method into the City’s maintenance and rehabilitation planning process.


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