Pavement Structural Testing

Colorado (FastFWD)
pavement structural testing

We offer advanced pavement testing techniques essential for detailed subsurface distress investigations and structural condition assessments. Our approach includes nondestructive testing methods crucial for agencies to devise cost-effective rehabilitation strategies based on a thorough understanding of mill and overlay histories, soil conditions, and environmental impacts.

State-of-the-Art Testing Equipment

Our recent addition of the Fast Falling Weight Deflectometer (FastFWD) to our equipment fleet allows for objective, repeatable, and rapid assessments of pavement structural integrity. The FastFWD simulates traffic loading to measure pavement deflection, providing critical data on load carrying capacity and remaining service life.

Comprehensive Structural Assessments

We perform deflection testing in compliance with ASTM standards, focusing on heavily traveled roadways. Our testing procedure includes measuring pavement response with geophones every 300 – 500 feet along the most affected lanes, integrating these findings into the overall pavement condition rating.

Detailed Structural Analysis and Reporting

Upon completing the deflection survey, we conduct a structural analysis to determine the structural adequacy of the pavement, expressed as a Structural Index (SI). This SI informs the necessary interventions, from lightweight treatments to complete reconstruction, based on the pavement’s ability to handle designed loads.


Our structural analysis offers invaluable insights for long-term pavement management, helping agencies prioritize interventions based on structural needs and pavement condition. This approach ensures that resources are allocated effectively to enhance roadway safety and longevity.

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