Leadership Team

Leadership Team

Michael Nieminen, PE, P.Eng CEO

As CEO, Michael leads with a vision that combines over two decades of engineering expertise with a commitment to innovation. Under his leadership, we've united an elite team of professionals, ranging from pavement specialists to tech savants, all dedicated to revolutionizing road data collection and analysis. Michael's mission is clear: to provide our clients with unparalleled pavement insights, making every decision a reflection of precise, data-driven intelligence. With Michael at the helm, we've not only developed products like Connect and Drive but have also cultivated a culture that values partnership and innovation above all else.

John Till, CPAChief Financial & Revenue Officer

John, our Chief Financial & Revenue Officer, is the bedrock of our financial strategy, leveraging his extensive background in operations analysis in the private sector and auditing through his tenure at Ernst & Young. Licensed as a CPA in Florida, John embodies the expertise needed to guide our organization through its growth phases and financial intricacies. His role as CFO transcends traditional boundaries; he is our strategic linchpin for financial planning and the driving force behind initiatives that enhance our revenue. John's vision is clear: to fuel our company's growth while ensuring our technology and services not only meet but exceed client expectations, making a transformative impact on their operations.

Laura Wagner-Bartz, PE, AMPDirector of Consulting Services

Stepping in to the role of Director of Consulting Services, Laura brings with her two decades of progressive expertise in civil engineering and a proven track record in project management. Her journey includes a significant chapter at HNTB, where she not only led the Asset Management Solutions practice but also managed a robust team of engineers. Laura's educational foundation is solid, with degrees in Geological/Geophysical Engineering and Civil Engineering, empowering her to lead diverse project delivery efforts across various transportation sectors, including DOT and municipal projects. Known for her systematic approach to project management, Laura focuses on synchronizing team efforts with client expectations and project demands. Her commitment to open communication and her strategic insights into aligning project scopes with budgets and timelines make her an instrumental figure in driving our mission to deliver top-tier consulting services .

Chase Fleeman Director of Operations, Products

Chase has dedicated the last 15 years to driving innovation and operational excellence within our product development sector. At the helm of a diverse team, he expertly manages the entire lifecycle of our equipment, from its initial design and fabrication to ongoing maintenance and support. His ability to collaborate effectively with the consulting team has been crucial in fostering product innovation, ensuring our leadership position in the pavement management industry. Chase is committed to surpassing client expectations, focusing on the smooth operation and delivery of our cutting-edge products. His leadership ensures that our team's expertise is fully leveraged, resulting in products that are as durable and efficient as the pavements we improve.

Geoff DewDirector of Operations, Services

Geoff plays a pivotal role in guiding our data processing team from the initial stages of raw data collection to the final delivery of refined insights. With a rich background of over 17 years in data analysis and processing, his expertise has been crucial in managing the intricate process of converting data into meaningful stories for our clients, including state DOTs and municipalities. Geoff's leadership has been instrumental in processing more than 500,000 miles of data, a milestone that underlines our commitment to excellence in pavement and asset management solutions. His focus is not just on numbers but on leveraging data to inform smarter, more effective decisions.

Mollie Rhett Director of Marketing

Mollie brings to the table nearly two decades of invaluable A/E/C marketing expertise, having honed her ability to distill complex engineering and technology concepts into compelling narratives. Her strategic acumen and storytelling prowess have been instrumental in elevating our brand, making our innovative solutions a topic of conversation worldwide. With a rich background in professional services marketing at leading firms like CDM Smith and Stantec, alongside a successful track record in traditional marketing consulting for small businesses, Mollie has a unique ability to amplify brand visibility and growth. Leading a team of marketing experts, she transforms the technical world of pavement engineering into captivating stories that not only present solutions but also envision a future founded on innovation and reliability.