Sidewalk Surveys


Our team is pioneering the integration of advanced technologies and tailored solutions to enhance sidewalk condition assessments and ADA compliance. Our unique approach combines the capabilities of the Sidewalk Surface Tester (SST) with advanced lidar surveys and high-definition imaging to offer comprehensive, reliable data collection that supports ADA transition planning and the management of sidewalk and curb assets.

Comprehensive Assessments for Enhanced Accessibility

We employ our purpose-built SST units, which are capable of navigating various terrains to collect detailed data on sidewalk and curb conditions. This data is crucial for assessing compliance with current ADA standards and ensuring that all community members can navigate urban landscapes safely and effectively.

Integrating Technology for Superior Data Quality

Our use of the latest lidar technology, coupled with the Ladybug 5+ spherical camera, allows for precise location and georeferencing of sidewalk assets in real-time. This method not only speeds up the data collection process but also enhances the accuracy and utility of the information gathered, facilitating detailed assessments of ramp attributes and sidewalk conditions.

Strategic Analysis and Decision Support

The data collected is meticulously analyzed to produce a Sidewalk Condition Index (SWCI), which aids in objective, detailed evaluations of sidewalks similar to how roads are assessed with the Pavement Condition Index (PCI). This strategic approach supports effective multi-year budgeting and maintenance planning, allowing for proactive management and rehabilitation of sidewalk infrastructure.


Our innovative tools and expert analysis provide the foundation for effective sidewalk and curb management, ensuring accessibility and safety for all.

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