IrisPRO High Speed

Premier Profiler with Unrivalled Accuracy

The IrisPRO fixed mount profiler is securely attached to the host vehicle. It can endure years of heavy use across every route in your state, and anywhere from construction site to runway tarmac. 

It is trusted by DOTs, district engineers, paving contractors, and airport authorities. When you need smoothness measurements and repeatable profile data, don’t leave anything to chance.


  • Measures longitudinal profile in each wheelpath
  • Calculates smoothness/roughness of pavement according to industry standards
  • Available in multiple laser configurations from 1 to 5 lasers
  • Target detection system
  • Garmin GPS
  • Customizable 20-key event keyboard
  • Included WiFi and 4G router for in-field connectivity
  • Optional upgrade to 80-key event keyboard
  • Optional upgrade to Hemisphere differentially-corrected GPS
  • Optional right-of-way imaging (Basler cameras, Ladybug 5+ camera)

Measurement Capabilities

  • International Roughness Index (IRI)
  • Profilograph Index (PrI), sometimes called Profile Index (PI)
  • Ride Number (RN)
  • Boeing Bump Index (BBI)
  • Cross-correlations typically ranging from 0.97 to 0.99, depending on surface type
  • Raw Elevation
  • High-pass Filtered Elevation with user-specified cutoff wavelength
  • Raw laser readings and accelerometer-derived inertial reference heights
  • 3-point rutting (with 3 laser systems)
  • 5-point rutting (with 5 laser systems)
  • Record images to JPG or MP4 (with available Basler camera)
  • Trigger cameras at user-specified fixed distance intervals (with optional camera)

Flexible Configurations

With the IrisPRO, the client is in the driver’s seat when it comes to the system interior layout, configuration, and options. Every project begins with a kick-off meeting with drawings presented to the client for review based on the project specifications.

Chassis Options

ICC has mounted profilers to just about every vehicle chassis type available. Customers often provide their own host vehicle. It is important that the vehicle have suitable mounting points, so talk to us about the best options. The most common platforms chosen are the Ford F-series Truck, Ford Transit, and Chevy Tahoe.

GPS Comes Standard

Profile data makes so much more sense with GPS data. This is why all ICC profilers come standard with a Garmin GPS system. The Hemisphere Atlas DGPS is available as an upgrade.

Right-of-Way Camera(s)

The IrisPRO is ready to support multiple cameras out of the box. Profile data makes so much more sense with images.

Camera options include the popular Basler Ace 4K 9MP or 12MP camera. The Basler camera mounts either inside the cab to the windshield or outside in an environmentally-protected enclosure. Consider upgrading to the premium Point Gray Ladybug 6 72MP spherical camera or Ladybug 5+ 30MP camera. The Ladybug camera mounts to the vehicle roof rack and is weather-proof.


Using the onboard Drive software, data can easily be trimmed by setting start/end points for analysis. Start distance and direction can be edited. Metrics like International Roughness Index (IRI), Ride Number (RN), Profile Index (PrI), Boeing Bump Index, and others are automatically calculated. The data can be exported to ProVAL in ERD/PPF file formats, or to Excel/CSV for further analysis.

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