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IrisGO Portable Profiler

IrisPRO Profiler


IrisGO Pave

IrisPRO Pave


SFT Friction Tester

ICC-DFT Runway Tester


SurPRO Walking Profiler

Fast Texture Meter

What is your need?

Use the table below to identify which equipment will meet your measurement needs.

Surface TypeMeasurementEquipment Solution
  • Right-of-way imaging
  • Asset inventory
Any Iris system
  • Smoothness
  • Roughness (IRI)
  • Profilograph Index (PrI)
  • Ride Number (RN)
  • Faulting in wheelpaths

IrisGO or


  • Grade
  • Cross Slope
  • Horizontal Curvature
  • Surface Distress (i.e. cracking, raveling, patching, potholes)
  • ASTM D6433 distresses
  • ASTM E3303 cracking
  • Joint Detection
  • Faulting in all 5 road zones

IrisPRO Pave or

IrisGO Pave

  • ASTM E274 Friction Number (FN)/Skid Number (SN)
  • ASTM E2340 continuous friction test
  • Mu value
  • RCR value
  • Measure highly accurate longitudinal profile
  • Establish reference profile
  • Roughness (IRI)
  • Profilograph Index (PrI)
  • Ride Number (RN)
  • Measure highly accurate texture profile
  • MPD value
  • RMS value


Pavement Survey Vehicles

ICC designs and builds survey vehicles to measure road and airport pavements throughout their lifecycle:

  • Pre-construction surveys, design surveys
  • Post-construction quality control, as-built surveys
  • Annual and biennial condition surveys
  • Long-term pavement performance monitoring

Understanding the functional performance over time is critical to managing those assets properly. Condition data is a required input for every pavement management system (PMS). Our equipment is accurate and repeatable, giving you confidence in your decision-making process.

Road Friction Testers

ICC designs and builds equipment to measure pavement friction, a critical component of any highway safety improvement program. Friction testers are used for:

  • Regular network-level safety and friction surveys
  • High Friction Surface Treatment (HFST) testing
  • Crosswalk and patterned pavement testing
  • Pavement acceptance testing

Understanding safety parameters over time is critical to managing those assets properly. Our equipment is accurate and repeatable, giving you confidence in your decision-making process.

Runway Friction Testers

ICC now manufactures the NAC-DFT continuous friction measurement equipment (CFME), designed for airport runways:

  • Regular runway friction testing, meeting FAA requirements
  • Contaminant identification surveys

Understanding runway friction over time is essential to the safety of landing aircraft. Our equipment is certified by the FAA, giving you confidence in your decision-making process.

Reference Devices

ICC reference devices provide high quality reference data to validate that your high speed collection systems are functioning properly.

Control sites, also called validation sites or certification sites, establish baseline data to which high speed pavement survey equipment can be compared.

MAP-21 and FAST legislation in the United States require state DOTs to have certification sites and to implement a process for validating the quality of all data collected for federal reporting purposes. Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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