ICC Unify Suite

ICC is re-imagining data collection and processing for today and beyond. Our new software suite has everything you need to collect quality data smoothly, to process data quickly, and to publish the results to stakeholders and clients efficiently.

Inform™ is designed to simplify the visualization and agency-wide distribution of road images and data.

Measure with confidence. Monitor with ease.

Enterprise-grade SaaS Software

The all-new Inform™ software is fast and intuitive. You can easily jump to any road in your network, play images forward and backward, and look up condition data.

Discover why the Software as a Service (SaaS) model provides you the simplest way to make your valuable photolog images available to every user, saving field visits and time.

Cloud hosted

Running on powerful and secure cloud servers, Inform is ready to host hundreds of thousands of miles (km) of data. With minimal need to engage agency IT departments in user setup, deployment, or updates, the software can be accessible to your users in a matter of days (provided we have processed your data!).


Inform is built on HTML5, adheres to the latest web development standards, and runs in all popular web browsers. It does not require any software installation and has no third-party component dependencies.

Fast image playback

Utilizing the latest web technologies, playback of images is fast and smooth. Jumping from one road to another happens in an instant.

Point-and-click navigation

Users can click on any highlighted road on the map to jump to that location, or they can navigate using drop-downs by selecting District, County, Route, Direction, Milepost, Offset (typical for DOTs) or Council District, Neighborhood, Road Name (typical for municipalities and counties).

Easy user signup

We can automate sign-up for users with emails on your domain (e.g., Optional SSO and MFA integrations are available as well.

Browse reports

Inform™ includes tables and charts to display road condition data, HPMS reports, network attributes, and more. All processed and summarized data is at your fingertips.

360 view built-in

Pan-and-tilt the camera to look any way you want, and use the mouse wheel to zoom, right in your browser (provided the images have been collected with the Ladybug camera).

Go back in time

Easily access multiple cycles of historical images and data simply by clicking the Year dropdown.

Images downloader

Easily send a batch of images to the legal department or to other external users with the built-in image downloader. Name the images how you want and choose the length of road to include.

Import images from any previous photolog

Unlock your historical photolog no matter who collected it. We can load your previous photolog into Inform™, whether it was collected by your agency or by another vendor.

Always Up-to-Date

As a cloud-hosted app, Inform™ is always up-to-date, so all of your users will always have the latest version of the software. Say goodbye to downtime, update scripts, and IT personnel involvement when new versions become available.

More Features

  • Play forward and reverse
  • Step by image; jump to beginning/end
  • Easy search using map
  • Drop-down lookup using any locators like District, County, Route, Direction, Milepost, etc.
  • Go back in time: multiple cycles of data
  • U-turn button
  • Tabular data
  • Detail and summary charts
  • Panoramic 360-degree image view with pan/tilt/zoom controls
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