IrisPRO Lightweight

You don’t want to put weight on freshly-laid pavements, but it’s the optimal time to check the smoothness. The lightweight profiler is the solution.

Lightweight Profiler with Unrivalled Accuracy

The IrisPRO LWP is renowned for its accuracy and repeatability. You can rely on ICC equipment for your construction QC, smoothness assurance, and warranty validation needs.

ICC’s IrisPRO profilers are trusted by DOTs, district engineers, paving contractors, and airport authorities. When you need smoothness measurements and repeatable profile data, don’t leave anything to chance.


  • Measures longitudinal profile in each wheelpath
  • Calculates smoothness/roughness of pavement according to industry standards
  • Available in configurations with 1 or 2 lasers
  • Target detection system
  • Garmin GPS
  • Customizable 20-key event keyboard
  • Optional WiFi and 4G router for in-field connectivity
  • Optional upgrade to Hemisphere differentially-corrected GPS
  • Optional right-of-way imaging (Basler camera)

Measurement Capabilities

  • International Roughness Index (IRI)
  • Profilograph Index (PrI), sometimes called Profile Index (PI)
  • Ride Number (RN)
  • Cross-correlations typically ranging from 0.97 to 0.99, depending on surface type
  • Unfiltered Elevation
  • High-pass Filtered Elevation with user-specified cutoff wavelength
  • Raw laser readings and accelerometer-derived inertial reference heights
  • Record images to JPG or MP4 (with available Basler camera)
  • Trigger cameras at user-specified fixed distance intervals (with optional camera)

Available Camera

Profile data makes so much more sense with images. Add the Iris to your profiler to give you a permanent record of what the system saw and measured in the field. Add the popular Basler Ace 9MP (4K) or 12MP camera to your LWP. The camera mounts inside the cab to the windshield.
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