Counties and Municipalities

Addressing the challenges faced by county and municipal agencies requires a comprehensive and adaptive approach that combines effective data collection with expert analyses, tailored recommendations, effective communication with stakeholders, and utilization of innovative technologies.

Embarking on pavement management projects with us isn’t just a choice; it’s a strategic partnership that propels county and municipal agencies towards unparalleled success.

As a trusted ally, we bring almost 50 years of manufacturing precision data collection equipment and nearly 40 years of pavement and asset management expertise to the table.

Our cutting-edge solutions, crafted in the USA, redefine the standards of accuracy and innovation in the industry. With a newly unified team in 2022, we boast the largest fleet of collection vehicles equipped with the latest IrisPRO Pave technology, a revamped engineering process, and an expanded team of experts. Backed by a significant $5 million investment in software, our Unify™ suite outshines competitors, ensuring higher quality data and faster turnarounds.


Limited Budgets

Our team aids counties and municipalities in stretching their budgets further by providing innovative solutions that optimize resource allocation. Our expertise in securing additional funding enables agencies to undertake more significant projects and address urgent maintenance needs. By leveraging our advanced data collection and analysis tools, we help prioritize projects based on their impact and necessity, ensuring that limited resources are used efficiently and effectively.

Aging Infrastructure

With a significant portion of roadways showing signs of aging, we offer lifecycle analyses, pavement design, and maintenance strategy consulting to help manage and rehabilitate these critical assets. Our technology and expertise support the development of cost-effective maintenance and rehabilitation plans that extend the lifespan of pavements, reduce repair backlogs, and ensure road safety and functionality.

Data Management

We excel in collecting accurate, repeatable, and reliable pavement condition data, crucial for informed decision-making. Our extensive fleet of data collection vehicles, equipped with the latest technology, and our experienced team ensure that counties and municipalities have access to the high-quality data needed to prioritize and manage pavement maintenance and improvement projects efficiently.

Traffic Management

Understanding the importance of minimizing traffic disruptions, we can assist in developing maintenance of traffic (MOT) plans that reduce delays and community frustration during pavement structural testing. Our strategies ensure that necessary testing is completed efficiently while maintaining traffic flow and minimizing impact on the community.

Environmental Impact

Our consulting team is committed to sustainable pavement management practices. We provide guidance on incorporating environmentally friendly materials and techniques, such as recycled materials, warm-mix asphalt, and green infrastructure, helping agencies minimize the environmental impact of their maintenance activities.

Community Expectations

Effective communication with the community is vital. We offer comprehensive community outreach kits to clients that are designed to bridge the gap between municipal work and community awareness. Kits include social media and public relations copy, imagery, field cards, flyers, and other assets that can be used to engage and inform residents. Our approach fosters transparency and builds trust between agencies and the communities they serve.

Emergency Response

For communities prone to extreme weather or unexpected events, we advocate a proactive infrastructure management approach. Our expertise supports quick decision-making and effective response strategies, ensuring public safety and minimizing the impact of such events on the infrastructure.

Technological Integration

With a significant investment in software development, we are at the forefront of integrating new technologies into infrastructure management. Our Unify™ suite offers powerful analysis and simple visualization tools, enabling agencies to adopt and benefit from the latest advancements in pavement management technology.

Regulatory Compliance

Our consulting team, specialized in pavement engineering, ensures that all projects adhere to federal, state, and local regulations. Our focused expertise helps agencies navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance, avoiding potential pitfalls and ensuring that projects are completed to the highest standards.

By partnering with us, counties and municipalities gain access to a team of experts and a suite of cutting-edge tools designed to meet the unique challenges of managing pavement infrastructure. Our solutions are tailored to enhance the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of road networks, ensuring that communities can thrive and grow.

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