Fort Worth, Texas

To accelerate the schedule of this large, $2.5M project for Fort Worth, Texas, IMS worked closely with the city to break the extensive roadway network of 4,800 miles into manageable zones. Our team collaborated with the city to customize the ASTM D6433 PCI calculation to account for different roadway functional classifications and surface types. In addition to the pavement survey and subsequent analyses, we performed an audit of the city’s pavement management system database, which included a review of GIS links, functional class, surface type, length, width, and number of lanes – guaranteeing accuracy of data. To preserve and build upon the city’s historical data, several customized fields were added to the pavement management database, providing continuity and visibility year over year. Following the completion of this project, the city authorized IMS to provide a comprehensive Lidar-based sidewalk and ADA pedestrian curb ramp compliance assessment of 2,556 miles of sidewalk. Using the existing data to group and classify assets, our team empowered the city to better identify infrastructure deficiencies.


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