Every Speed, High Speed, Lightweight, and Portable profilers

Profilers are widely used for road and airport projects. Departments of transportation utilize them to establish benchmark data for validating high-speed equipment. Service providers deploy them for network-level condition surveys, while quality assurance personnel employ them for warranty validation and inspections. Civil engineering firms rely on profilers for analyzing runway and taxiway smoothness, and contractors use them to ensure smoothness and identify “must grind” areas on new pavements.

ICC profilers are renowned for its accuracy and repeatability, routinely achieving cross-correlations of 0.99 during AASHTO R56 and ASTM E950 certifications. You can rely on ICC equipment for your construction QC, smoothness assurance, and warranty validation needs.

ICC’s IrisPRO profilers are trusted by DOTs, district engineers, airport authorities, and paving contractors. When you need smoothness measurements and repeatable profile data, don’t leave anything to chance.

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