Friction Testers

Locked Wheel Surface Friction Tester (SFT)


ICC’s SFT measures pavement friction accurately in line with ASTM E274 standards, helping to improve road safety by identifying surface changes, measuring macrotexture, and testing applied treatments. It’s instrumental in determining safe friction levels and pinpointing resurfacing needs. This advanced equipment, featuring a custom trailer and dual-sided testing vehicles, comes in both standard and extended-range models.


AASHTO and ASTM Compliance

Ensures highest level of accuracy and quality.

Maintenance-Free Operation

Utilizes coil-over shocks instead of air-adjustable shocks for hassle-free maintenance. Incorporates check valves before the electric valve to optimize water usage and reduce refill stops.

Innovative Design Features

Equipped with proprietary racing-style aluminum brake calipers for enhanced performance. Features proximity switch for Dynamic Friction Tester (DMI), facilitating field fixes without downtime.

Enhanced Efficiency

Offers a rapid-fire mode option for closer spacing between tests, reducing water usage and speeding up the process. Boasts top-down access to the trailer suspension system for streamlined maintenance.

User-Friendly and Time-Efficient

Designed for ease of use, ensuring a user-friendly experience for operators. Developed with a focus on time efficiency, making the testing process more streamlined.

Measurement Capabilities

3-Point Rutting (Optional Third Laser)

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