Consulting Team



With a track record of completing over 100 pavement and asset management projects annually, our consulting team stands second to none. We are renowned for our ability to establish cost-effective maintenance management programs tailored to both large and small agencies. Over nearly four decades, our commitment to excellence has never wavered, earning us a stellar reputation and allowing us to deliver thousands of successful projects to municipal clients across the United States and Canada.

Our vast experience encompasses projects for over 700 city and county agencies, 22 large-scale public works departments, and nine state agencies and transportation authorities. Furthermore, our team’s versatility is showcased through our data support for more than 15 different software platforms. From our proprietary systems to widely recognized third-party programs like Lucity, Deighton’s dTIMS, Hansen’s Street Module, Caregraph, MTC’s StreetSaver, PAVER, and StreetLogix, we have the capability to cater to diverse needs and technological environments.

With ICC-IMS, you are choosing a partnership that goes beyond the ordinary. Our incredibly talented team is committed to prioritizing your success, understanding your challenges, and providing unparalleled support. Specialization breeds expertise, and our focused approach allows for meticulous attention to detail related to data collection, analyses, design, rehabilitation, maintenance, and beyond. Our team works hard to ensure that every solution is tailored to maximize durability and cost-effectiveness. 

Read more about our consulting and client services team members below.

Sadaf Khosravifar, PhD, PESenior Project Engineer

Sadaf is a professional engineer and researcher with 14 years of industrial and research experience in pavement engineering. Her background includes pavement evaluation, performance, design, pavement and asset management, and GIS. She is fluent in several nondestructive pavement evaluation technologies including automated pavement condition surveys using 3D LCMS-2, falling/heavy/lightweight deflectometer and Dynaflect, traffic speed deflectometer (iPAVE and RAPTOR), GPR, and friction test devices, as well as specialized experience using pavement/asset management software such as StreetSaver, PAVER, Lucity, Cartegraph, and StreetLogix, among others.

Laura Wagner-Bartz, PE Director of Consulting Services

Stepping in to the role of Director of Consulting Services, Laura brings with her two decades of progressive expertise in civil engineering and a proven track record in project management. Her journey includes a significant chapter at HNTB, where she not only led the Asset Management Solutions practice but also managed a robust team of engineers. Laura's educational foundation is solid, with degrees in Geological/Geophysical Engineering and Civil Engineering, empowering her to lead diverse project delivery efforts across various transportation sectors, including DOT and municipal projects. Known for her systematic approach to project management, Laura focuses on synchronizing team efforts with client expectations and project demands. Her commitment to open communication and her strategic insights into aligning project scopes with budgets and timelines make her an instrumental figure in driving our mission to deliver top-tier consulting services.

Danilo Balzarini, PhD Senior Project Engineer

Danilo draws on his research experience when modeling pavement systems, collecting data, and performing analysis, to provide clients with accurate, high-quality deliverables. He brings firsthand experience working with FDOT, managing over 1,500 miles of data and analyzing the interstate roadway network. He assisted FDOT in transitioning from manual to automated pavement condition surveys and developed correlations with historical data. Danilo recently participated in ASTM International’s Vehicle-Pavement Systems Committee (E17) to develop and approve a new standard that leverages the current state of practice technologies. This new standard is published as E3303-21, Practice for Generating Pavement Surface Cracking Indices from Digital Images. It brings new levels of accuracy and repeatability to pavement condition surveys, supporting data-based decision-making.

Dave Bratton, PE Pavement/Project Engineer

Dave has 13 years of experience in pavement management involving condition assessment, prediction modeling, and budget evaluation. He has worked extensively with automated pavement data collection that conforms to multiple standards such as ASTM, MTC, VDOT, and IDOT, dynaflect and falling weight deflectometer, and ROW asset acquisition. Dave has implemented pavement management programs using CarteGraph, Lucity, PAVER, StreetSaver, and other industry standard software across North America.

Mostafa Nakhei, PhD, EIT Project Engineer/Data Scientist

Mostafa is a project engineer and senior data scientist at IMS. His entire nine years professional career has been dedicated to pavement engineering with experience in roadway construction, pavement management, pavement structural design, laboratory testing, FWD testing. With his dual degree in Data Science, he has developed several computer programs such as “MASTIC” and “Back-MASTIC” for layered elastic analysis and pavement modulus back calculation. Mostafa was the lead developer for the ISA software package at IMS, which uses deep learning to analyze structural data. He also developed ERSA, a software program for backend processing of LCMS-2 systems. He has experience in implementing pavement management systems for municipal agencies in the United States and he is proficient with several pavement and asset management software packages such as AgileAssets, Paver, StreetSaver, Lucity, and Cartegraph.

Amir Ghanbari, PhDProject Engineer/Data Scientist

Amir has extensive experience with pavement management systems, non-destructive testing and falling weight deflectometer back calculations, pavement condition index analysis, pavement life cycle cost analysis and preservation techniques, highway and airport pavement design, and asphalt material characterization. He has also contributed to several FHWA reports and 20 published articles. Prior to joining IMS, Amir supported several pavement management programs across the United States and Canada. He was an integral part of ongoing AgileAssets services for the Alaska DOT and Manitoba, Canada. He is fluent in Python scripting, using it to automate the import of distress data into PAVER as well as with AgileAssets, Paver, StreetSaver, Lucity, and others.

Megan Ratliff, EIT Pavement/Project Engineer

Megan is a recent graduate of the Civil and Environmental Engineering master’s program at Auburn University. Her research at Auburn University’s National Center for Asphalt Technology focused on the structural analysis of several asphalt pavement test sections at the world-renowned Test Track. She is proficient in using many pavement analysis and design software programs, such as WESLEA, MEPDG, PerRoad, KENPAVE, FlexPAVE, and Evercalc. Megan is an EIT in California and has passed the State of California Principles and Practice of Engineering exam. In her time at IMS, she has reviewed and analyzed pavement condition survey data using Easy Street Analysis (ESA) and PAVER, created pavement management plans using various budgets, and interacted with clients to help better understand their needs.

James Erskine Pavement/Project Engineer

James is a professional pavement engineer with twenty-five years' experience, specializing in pavement design and network modelling for the development of optimization strategies associated with the preparation of multi-year works programs and long-term funding requirements for road networks. James assists local and state road agencies as well as construction and maintenance companies, providing expertise in network modelling, maintenance and rehabilitation pavement design, forensic investigations and pavement and roadside asset condition monitoring. His experience includes the processing, analysis and reporting of high-speed automated data collection, photogrammetry, Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR), friction testing and Falling Weight Deflectometer (FWD) data to meet the requirements of a broad range of project based and network pavement and asset management systems including PARMMS Road Manager, AgileAssets Pavement Analyst , PAVER and Streetlogix.

Marcial Moto Project Engineer

Marcial is a dedicated engineer with six years of extensive experience specializing in pavement management, engineering, and Geographic Information Systems (GIS). Holding a master’s degree in Transportation Systems Engineering, he brings a robust academic foundation to his professional endeavors. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated proficiency in the maintenance and optimization of transportation infrastructure, particularly in pavement management systems. He has plenty of experience using pavement/asset management software such as PAVER, StreetSaver, Cartegraph, among others. His commitment to excellence, coupled with his comprehensive understanding of pavement management and transportation systems, makes him a valuable asset in any engineering team striving to address the challenges of modern urban transportation networks.

Spencer Williams Technical Writer

Spencer is a skilled technical writer with 12 years of experience in crafting clear and concise documentation for a variety of technical audiences. He possesses a strong understanding of industry technology and practices, translating them into user-friendly and precise reports, maps, and presentations. Spencer has particular experience in creating city council presentations and public works reports for civil engineering applications. He is proficient in a variety of communication mediums, including ArcGIS Online tools for presenting civil engineering data. Spencer champions equitable and efficient asset management and ensures that his target audience understands the details and considerations for each project.

Client Services Managers

Jim Tourek Client Services Manager

Jim is a Client Services Manager with 12 years of experience with IMS-ICC and decades of industry experience in construction and pavement management. His background includes project management and client services for over 400 successful pavement management and right of way asset assignments from coast-to-coast throughout the U.S. and Canada. from large projects including Dallas, TX, Long Beach, CA, and Hillsborough County, FL to smaller projects including Tolleson, AZ and Fife, WA.

Kayla Grubb, EI Client Services Manager

Kayla is a seasoned project management professional, specializing in serving State DOTs, municipalities, and the private sector. Her extensive background includes key roles with the Tennessee Department of Transportation (TDOT) and the City of Wilmington MPO in North Carolina. Kayla has consistently demonstrated excellence in managing both small and large-scale projects, showcasing a mastery of strategic planning, scheduling, risk assessment, and budgeting. Serving as the primary point of contact for ICC-IMS clients in the Northeast, Kayla possesses an in-depth knowledge of project scope, schedule, budget, and client expectations. Her hands-on approach contributes to the overall success of each assignment.

Chris Farley Client Services Manager

Chris is a skilled sales leader with more than 20 years of field experience. His information technology expertise and B2B/B2C background make him an asset to the ICC-IMS team. He is an FOA-Certified Fiber Optic Technician for design, project planning, and construction and is well-versed in customer service, sales methodologies, and project management.