Rolling Surface Profiler

The SurPRO uses patented technology to obtain reference profile data with 99.9% repeatability and accuracy. It is the only reference device to meet FHWA’s Golden Reference Profiling Device requirements.

The SurPRO walking profiler is the most accurate device for measuring surface profile and roughness characteristics of any placed surface, including roads, runways, and other structures. It is a Class 1 profiling unit and uses patented technology.

The SurPRO is a fully automated, portable unit. It weighs just 42 pounds. It can be brought onto any job site and be collecting data in a matter of minutes. The SurPRO collects true elevation profiles, displays the results, saves the data, and executes user-configurable analysis to provide numerical and graphical representation of the profile and roughness indices.

SurPRO 5000

The new SurPRO 5000 uses the same proven hardware as SurPRO 4000, but has an all-new touchscreen interface running on a tablet computer. The new software is simple to operate, displays data in real-time, and makes sharing of the data with field supervisors and office staff quick and easy.


  • Reference-level Class 1 profiling
  • Fully automated data collection
  • Can be used for longitudinal and transverse profiles
  • Wheel Spacing supports for several ASTM Standards: 250mm, 12″, 300mm
  • Sample distance interval: 1 mm (0.04″)
  • Provides unfiltered true elevation profiles
  • Permanently stores calibration
  • Report multiple roughness indexes (IRI, PI, RN)
  • 16 hours of collection per battery charge
  • Durable and weather resistant
  • Generates .PPF, .ERD, and .PRO files for ProVAL


  • Manage and maintain any placed surface
  • Compare pavement profile with specifications for contract bonus/penalty determination
  • Identify and correct surface defects to achieve target roughness indices (using bump/dip analysis)
  • Establish calibration site benchmarks for contractor and vendor equipment validation
  • Meet Data Quality Management Plan (DQMP) requirements
  • Test bridges before approaches are in place
  • Sidewalk smoothness
  • Testing road cross slopes
  • Testing drainage slopes
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  • Instrument Rating: World Bank Standard Class
  • Method (Manual): Automated rolling; the operator walks behind the SurPRO and pushes it
  • Transducers: Multi Axis Inclinometer; 1 optical encoder; 1 temperature sensor
  • Standard Wheel Spacing Settings: 0.250m (0.82021 ft) – 0.300m (0.98425 ft) – 0.3048m (1.0 ft)
  • High Quality Profile Processing: Profiler is reprocessed at the end run for highest accuracy – 99.9%+ repeatability in IRI, Medium and Long wavelengths
  • Constant mm Data Sampling: High accuracy Butterworth filtering and noise removal
  • Sample Rate: 1000 samples/sec; 900 samples/m; 1.1mm/sample
  • Sample Interval: 1 mm (0.04″)
  • Data Collect Rate: Nominal: 2 km/hr (1.25 mi/hr) Max: 4 km/hr (2.5 mi/hr)
  • Data Recording Rate: 1 mm (0.04″)
  • Static Resolution: Incline: 0.0019mm (0.0001″)
  • Profile Accuracy: +/- 2mm / 5 m (+/- 0.01 in/25 ft) plus level error for non-closed loop surveys
  • Operating Temp.: 0 to 50°C (32 to 122°F)
  • Weight: 20.4kg (42 lb)
  • Size (footprint): 254 mm (10″) W x 482 mm (19″) L (add handle length for full length)
  • Battery: Air transport IATA approved gel-cell, 2 x 12 Ahr (12Vdc). External charger (supplied), low battery warning, battery life 16 hrs w/o motor drive connected
  • Wheels: 152.4mm (6″) diameter x 70mm (2.76″) wide aluminum/rubber
  • Computed Roughness Indices: IRI, RN (PRI, RI or Boeing Bump Index optional)
  • Computed Floor Quality Indices: FF, FL
  • Data Filters: User selectable Digital Filters including Butterworth and Moving Average Filter
  • Data Formats: Raw data (proprietary binary), text format (ERD), ASTM/FHWA (ProVAL PPF), Texas DoT (PRO), roughness indices, graphical profiles, tabular data listings (total of 14 formats)
  • Data Output: USB, interact with SurPRO using ICC SurPRO Utility Software. Analyze and filter data using tools and view profile using built-in analysis functions. Outputs are compatible with ProVAL.