Airport pavements are critical to the safety, efficiency, and connectivity of global aviation operations. Understanding the unique challenges faced by airports in maintaining runway pavements, we offer a suite of technologies and expertise designed to ensure that these pavements meet the highest standards of safety and operational excellence.


Safety First!

Our ICC-DFT technology enables precise data collection on runway conditions, ensuring that airports can maintain high safety standards for aircraft operations. By providing accurate assessments of pavement conditions, we help airports ensure that runways offer the necessary friction and are free of defects that could jeopardize aircraft safety, especially during takeoffs and landings.

Load-Bearing Capacity

Recognizing the importance of runways in supporting the immense weight of various aircraft, we offer thorough structural analyses to assess load-bearing capacities. Our expertise in pavement engineering enables airports to optimize pavement design, ensuring structural integrity under the heavy loads of commercial jets and cargo planes, thus maintaining safety and preventing pavement failures.

Braking and Deceleration

The effectiveness of aircraft braking systems is significantly influenced by runway pavement conditions. Our assessments of runway friction levels contribute to optimal deceleration, enabling pilots to safely bring aircraft to a stop. Our technology ensures that airports can monitor and manage friction levels effectively, enhancing safety during critical landing and takeoff phases.

Weather Resilience

We provide strategies for managing pavements in diverse weather conditions, including solutions for anti-icing and improved drainage. Our approach ensures that runways remain operational and safe even in adverse weather, minimizing disruptions and maintaining the continuity of airport operations.

Operational Efficiency

With our proprietary Unify™ software suite, airports can streamline the data collection and analysis process, reducing downtime for maintenance and repairs. This contributes to the operational efficiency of airports, allowing for smoother air traffic management and minimal flight schedule disruptions.

Emergency Scenarios

In emergency situations, the quality of runway pavements is paramount. Our detailed pavement data supports airports in emergency response planning, enhancing preparedness for scenarios such as aborted takeoffs or landing gear malfunctions. This ensures that airports are equipped to manage emergencies effectively, safeguarding passengers and crew.

Global Connectivity

Our adherence to international best practices and standards ensures that airport runways meet global requirements, facilitating the smooth flow of air traffic and contributing to seamless international travel experiences. By implementing our solutions, airports can maintain pavements that comply with international aviation authorities’ expectations, thus playing a crucial role in global connectivity.

Through these comprehensive services and technologies, we empower airports to elevate their runway pavements, addressing the critical aspects of aviation safety, operational efficiency, and regulatory compliance. In partnering with us, airports can confidently navigate the complexities of modern aviation, ensuring the safety and satisfaction of airlines and passengers alike, while contributing to the interconnectedness of global air travel.

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