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Illinois DOT SFT
friction testing

Since 1975, ICC has designed, manufactured, and delivered lock wheel surface friction testers (SFT) in accordance with ASTM E274. Lock wheel friction testing services began in 1995, with our team delivering dozens of these projects every year. 

A Fusion of Expertise and Innovation

The strategic merger of ICC and IMS combines decades of experience in consulting services, data collection, equipment manufacturing, and software development. Our unified approach ensures that we address any pavement-related challenge with unmatched expertise and innovative solutions. Our SFTs, revered for their precision and reliability, are employed by DOTs and civil engineering firms globally, enhancing roadway safety and efficiency.

Commitment to Excellence and Safety

Our commitment to delivering exceptional and safe service is reflected in our rigorous Data Quality Management Plan (DQMP). This plan encompasses best practices such as regular equipment calibrations and control site verifications, guaranteeing that our data collection techniques not only meet but exceed industry standards. This meticulous approach to quality assurance ensures that every project from start to finish is handled with the utmost precision.

Advanced Data Management and Processing

Leveraging intelligent and reliable data management and processing tools, we transform raw data into actionable insights. Our systems are designed to provide clear, comprehensive data analysis, enabling agencies to make informed decisions that lead to safer, more efficient roadways.


Our team offers a comprehensive suite of services for your roadway friction and safety needs. Whether your agency is looking to enhance roadway safety, assess surface conditions, or implement long-term pavement management strategies, our team is equipped to deliver superior results that drive safety and performance.

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