ICC Data Collection Services for Sumter County, Florida

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ICC Data Collection Services for Sumter County, Florida

Sumter County, FL – This week ICC was in sunny Sumter County, Florida. As part of a pavement condition survey and Pavement Management System update, the County is looking to improve its network condition information coverage using ICC’s IrisPRO Pave vehicle and Connect™ technologies.

A mixed functional class network of approx. 870 centerline miles, Sumter County is embracing the advantages of automated data collection. With detailed condition data geospatially linked to the County’s pavement and asset management system, customized criteria can be used to tie the collected pavement condition data to other factors critical to the Sumter DPW team. The data set will include an updated PAVER database, its related GIS shapefile aligned to the reconciled County GIS, detailed reporting on the current network condition, and a prioritization report based on the County’s customized grading criteria.

The collection included roads near Dade Battlefield Historic State Park, a US National Historic Landmark. Annually they perform a reenactment of the battle that took place on December 28, 1835. It commemorates the event and honors all participants. It is now home to an abundance of wildlife, making it for a beautiful day at one of our remote offices!

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