ICC Delivers SFT to ERI in Saudi Arabia

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ICC Delivers SFT to ERI in Saudi Arabia

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia – Recently  was onsite in sunny Riyadh, Saudi Arabia delivering a new single-sided surface friction tester SFT to ERI – Engineering and Research International. ERI will be collecting and processing roughly 70,000 lane kilometers for the Ministry of Transport and Logistic Services, who will use the data to support pavement surface planning.

Using SFTs manufactured by ICC provides a safe, efficient, and reliable way to measure surface friction on existing and new surfaces for roadways, bridges, crosswalks, and patterned pavements. Locked wheel friction testers measure pavement friction accurately and directly. The data is calculated between a tire on the specialized trailer as it skids over wet pavement. The system measures data in accordance with ASTME274, identifies changes in surface friction due to deterioration, weathering, and/or other characteristics, as well as collects optional macrotexture data to help identify characteristics of the pavement surface.

The data can be used to test the characteristics of applied surface treatments, and verify safe friction levels on roadways, intersections, and crosswalks, in addition, to identifying potential maintenance needs for current surfaces.


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