DFT Delivery to Aeropuerto Cibao in Santiago, DR

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DFT Delivery to Aeropuerto Cibao in Santiago, DR

Santiago, Dominican Republic – With a desire to bring runway data collection in-house, Aeropuerto Cibao international airport recently took delivery of a from  International Cybernetics (ICC). ICC’s customer support team, while in gorgeous Santiago, Dominican Republic, trained local staff on how to use the aerodynamic tow-behind continuous friction measurement equipment and how to interpret collected data.  During training collection,  ICC was able to answer pavement-related questions concerning results correlated to completed runway work. Now, using the DFT, the Aeropuerto Cibao international team will have access to new data that will help to accurately spot areas of deficiencies and where surface conditioning maintenance repairs are required.

The DFT will support the airport’s renovations and expansion. With additional European flights, it means larger planes; therefore, data is required quicker than before! Currently, they are working on a new terminal and runway expansion project, making it the most modern on the Island. The City of Santiago de los Caballeros is also investing $4.5 million USD in several infrastructure upgrades and enhancements. Aeropuerto Cibao has an estimated 1.9 million passengers annually*.

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*Commercial Air Transport Statistics Report, Dominican Republic ‘21

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