ICC’s Connect Software Offering *new* Stitching Feature!

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ICC’s Connect Software Offering *new* Stitching Feature!

Largo, FL – has developed a new solution for stitching pavement imagery together from Concrete Slab and Airfield data collection, which has already been proven across multiple projects! The output allows distresses to be reported concrete slab by concrete slab and remain perfectly aligned with slab surveys/CAD data, allowing for precise decision-making concerning maintenance and rehabilitation.

For higher-resolution surveys, systems such as the LCMS-2  are necessary. However, pavement imaging systems only provide a fixed transverse coverage (13 feet/4 m), while applications for roads/airports are increasingly demanding full paved surface coverage. Consequently, surveying multilane roads and runways requires rectification and stitching of the 3D data collected over multiple passes to produce a single surface. ICC’s processing software can now combine and aggregate condition data from source frames and produce a merged surface image and geodatabase.

Pavement industry expert and ICC CEO Mr. Michael Nieminen first introduced this revolutionary feature during ERPUG (the European Road Profile Users’ Group), where he discussed the rectification and stitching of pavement images for area surveys, obtaining high-resolution raster images for airports and multilane roadways.

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