Who you gonna call? Pavementbusters!

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Who you gonna call? Pavementbusters!

Who you gonna call? The City of Courtenay called IMS!

Check out this article from the Courtenay Public Works Department that describes our IrisPRO Pave as a “Ghostbusters-like van”! While we can’t promise that you’ll see Bill Murray, Rick Moranis, or Dan Aykroyd stepping out of the vehicle with PKE meters, proton packs, and particle throwers, we CAN promise that our field crew has their own arsenal of tech to hunt down pavement issues and arm the city with reliable information to use for decision-making. The IrisPRO Pave (manufactured in the USA!) is equipped with lasers, GPS, cameras, and more – so we are basically “busters” of our own design – Pavementbusters! (But rest assured that all of our testing is of the non-destructive variety!) If you see an IMS or ICC van out collecting, give our crews a wave and “stay out of the stream”!

Curious how you can have your own “Pavemobile” cruising for pavement data in your city, province, state or town? Let’s chat! We’d love to get suited up for you and your citizens.

– | Better Data Better Decisions

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