Innovation – Software – Paving the Way!

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Innovation – Software – Paving the Way!

Did you know that ICC’s Unify™ software suite, which includes Drive™, Connect™, and Inform™, is compatible with other vendors’ data sets and third-party data collector systems?

We are having a lot of conversations at ERPUG 2023 this week about exactly that!

ICC has invested $5M in software development over the last few years. Industry veteran Michael Nieminen has been leading the charge, and we are incredibly proud of what we are bringing to the market.

Unify™ is integrated into collection vehicles and was purposely designed to overcome common industry limitations. The software keeps all processing steps inside one piece of software, resulting in a consistent, automated, and end-to-end workflow. This ensures that accurate and repeatable data is used to build planning and programming activities.

Drive™ simplifies data collection by providing real-time quality control, GIS maps, section tracking, exception tracking, and built-in calibration schedules, among other tools.

Connect™ automates the major steps of data processing, including matching collected data to the road network (GIS), distress identification, and reporting.

Inform™ provides web-based access to roadway data, right-of-way images, etc. just a few weeks after collection! Inform™ offers users an incredibly intuitive interface that is cloud-hosted, cost-effective, and requires no agency IT involvement.

ICC is dedicated to solving problems that exist in our industry and Unify™ is an excellent example of how we are tackling issues head-on. The exciting news is that we are JUST getting started!

Want to learn more about Unify™ and how it can be infinitely configured, scaled, and utilized? !

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