Benefits of Automated Data Collection

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Benefits of Automated Data Collection

Automated data collection for pavement surveys offers several advantages over traditional methods like walking and windshield surveys. Here are some reasons why you should consider making the transition:

Efficiency and Speed:

Automated systems can collect data much faster than manual methods, reducing the time and resources required for pavement surveys. Rapid data collection enables more frequent and up-to-date assessments of pavement conditions, allowing for timely maintenance and decision-making.

Accuracy and Consistency:

Automated systems eliminate human errors associated with manual data collection, ensuring a higher level of accuracy and consistency in the data. Consistent data collection methods over time enable better trend analysis and more reliable insights into pavement conditions.


While there may be an initial investment in setting up automated data collection systems, the long-term cost benefits often outweigh the initial costs. Reduced labor requirements and increased efficiency contribute to overall cost savings in the data collection process.


Automated systems can be deployed in various environments, including those that might be hazardous or challenging for people to access safely. Minimizing the need for manual intervention in data collection can enhance safety by reducing exposure to potentially dangerous conditions.

Data Volume and Detail:

Automated systems can collect large volumes of data quickly and continuously, providing a more comprehensive understanding of pavement conditions. The increased volume of data allows for a more detailed analysis, leading to better-informed decision-making and more targeted maintenance efforts.

Integration with Technology:

International Cybernetics Company (ICC) has invested over $5M in software development over the last few years. By tackling known issues and limitations of the industry head-on, we can provide a more holistic view of infrastructure conditions. Our Unify suite of software facilitates seamless data sharing and collaboration among different stakeholders involved in pavement management.

Quicker Access to Data:

Automated systems allow for a quick response to emerging issues. Up-to-date data can be crucial for addressing safety concerns, optimizing maintenance schedules, and extending the overall lifespan of pavement infrastructure.

Environmental Considerations:

Efficient data collection reduces the need for unnecessary vehicle travel and associated emissions, contributing to environmental sustainability.

Data Accessibility:

ICC’s end-to-end software solution provides cloud-hosted, easy to understand analysis, reporting, and viewing of data to both infrastructure owners and relevant stakeholders.

If you are ready to improve the overall management of your roadway infrastructure and pave the way to more informed decision-making, we’d love to talk to you!

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