Winter Roads

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Winter Roads

14 million people have been placed under winter weather alerts from the Plains states to the Great Lakes and the East Coast this week, bringing below-normal temperatures and significant snowfall. As a cold front sweeps across the nation, let’s address the impact of cold weather, snow, sleet, and ice on our roadways ⛄

Winter conditions, particularly in the north, can severely impact vehicle safety and road capacity due to snow and ice accumulation on asphalt pavements. Winter weather can affect:

  • Roadway capacity
  • Traffic speed
  • Travel time
  • Accident risk
  • Vehicle performance
  • Driver capabilities/behavior
  • Road treatment strategy
  • Speed limit control

This is where preventive pavement management comes into play:

❄️ Extended Pavement Life: Sealing cracks and applying sealcoats before winter hits can significantly reduce water intrusion and the detrimental freeze-thaw cycles.

❄️ Improved Safety: Consistent maintenance keeps pavement structurally sound, providing better traction during the icy months.

❄️ Cost Efficiency: Minor preventive maintenance can save you from hefty repair bills post-winter, proving that regular upkeep is more economical than emergency fixes.

❄️ Better Winter Service: A well-kept pavement surface enhances the efficiency of snow and ice removal, aiding in smoother and safer winter travel.

❄️ Data-Driven Decisions: With continuous monitoring, you can make informed decisions promptly to address any roadway issues before winter fully sets in.

Proactive management of pavement conditions is not just a strategy—it’s a necessity for ensuring that your roadways can endure winter’s wrath, sustaining functionality and safety without compromising on budget.

If you want to get ahead of the effects of winter, improve your overall management of your roadway infrastructure, and pave the way to more informed decision-making, we’d love to talk to you. Stay safe and warm out there!

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