Introducing our New Branding!

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Introducing our New Branding!

Drum roll, please! Big news alert: Our brand is getting a glow-up and our shiny new “triage” site is now live! Yes, you read that right. Time to toss some confetti and break into a desk-side dance (go on, we won’t peek ). Here’s the lowdown:

Ta-da! A Fresh New Look!
ICC and IMS have undergone a chic makeover, and we did it without any of those pesky recovery times. What’s your take on our snazzy new colors and logos?

What’s Brewing on the Horizon?
As we diligently craft our brand-new website (you heard us, BRAND NEW!), we’ve rolled out a charming little interim site. Consider it your insider’s guide to the latest happenings at ICC-IMS – it’s like having future insights at your fingertips!

In Search of an ‘Easy’ Button?
Ever dreamt of connecting with our stellar Client Services Managers without resorting to ancient methods like carrier pigeons or smoke signals? Well, fantasize no more! Our triage site is your express pass to book a discovery call. Plus, hop onto our mailing list for only the cream of the crop updates – no spam, just glam!

Your Portal Awaits at
Step into our temporary, digital playground. Explore, be entertained, and maybe uncover a secret or two (handshake instructions not included, sorry!).

Dive in, roam around, sign up for the latest buzz, and perhaps schedule a chat with our Client Services Maestros. It might just be the highlight of your day!

Here’s to embarking on this exciting adventure together, where we want to make pavement great again.

– | Big things are on the horizon!

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