MUTCD 11th Edition is Out! Are You Ready for the Transition?

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MUTCD 11th Edition is Out! Are You Ready for the Transition?

Exciting news for traffic control and safety enthusiasts! The much-anticipated 11th edition of the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices for Streets and Highways (MUTCD) is here, bringing a host of crucial updates since its last release in 2009.

This comprehensive guide, effective from January 18, 2024, is pivotal for states to ensure safe, uniform road networks. It’s packed with enhanced safety features for pedestrians and cyclists, such as more visible crosswalks, beacons for uncontrolled crossings, and innovative green pavement for bike lanes. The rise of electric vehicles is also addressed with new signage for charging stations.

23 CFR provides all states with 2 years from the effective date to adopt the MUTCD. This means that by Jan 18, 2026, all states will be required to adopt the National Manual or have a state MUTCD/supplement that is in conformance with the National Manual. The role of our 52 FHWA National Highway Institute Division Offices (which includes 50 states plus Puerto Rico and Washington D.C.) is to review all state MUTCDs or supplements to determine if it is in conformance with the National MUTCD.

The ICC-IMS Asset Services team has created a new list of signs and thumbnails that can be utilized while developing asset databases. This information can help transportation agencies assess their conformity with the most recent edition of MUTCD!

Looking for some support during this transition? Don’t have the capacity to do it alone? We can help you with the transition! Contact us at

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