Greetings from Tinseltown!

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Greetings from Tinseltown!

Thrilling Thursday greetings from the sunny streets of Tinseltown!

Guess what’s stealing the spotlight today? Our high-tech Lidar data collection chariot strikes a pose in front of the legendary Hollywood sign. It’s not just about glitz and glamour here; this marvel on wheels is kitted out with a Ladybug 5+ camera system. Think panoramic views with a twist – a full 360 degrees, showering a staggering one million laser points and whipping out 250 scan lines every single second. The result? A 3D masterpiece of spatial accuracy that makes even the most intricate details of a street scene pop – we’re talking spot-on ADA ramp measurements and the nitty-gritty of an agency’s right-of-way assets.

And now, for a dash of Hollywood trivia to spice up your day – did you know the iconic Hollywood sign was originally an oversized billboard for a housing development named “HOLLYWOODLAND” back in 1923? With a modest budget of $21,000 (a cool $377,000 in 2024 money), it was only meant to grace the hill for 18 months. But, like a star refusing to leave the stage, it charmed its way into the hearts of locals who just couldn’t bear to see it go. Fast forward to a bit of community spirit and voila! “LAND” was chopped off to embody the spirit of Hollywood, not just some fancy real estate. By 1973, our beloved sign got a little worn around the edges, but a bit of paint later, it was reborn as L.A. Cultural and Historical Monument #111.

Want to give your pavements the Hollywood treatment? Roll out the red carpet and head over to Lights, (Ladybug) camera, action on your next survey project!

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