Surfing Sidewalks: SST Takes New Smyrna Beach by Storm!

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Surfing Sidewalks: SST Takes New Smyrna Beach by Storm!

Roll out the red carpet, sidewalks of New Smyrna Beach! The SST is cruisin’ through, not for kickflips and railslides, but for some serious sidewalk surf check.

Behold our Sidewalk Surface Tester (SST), turning heads with its bright red flair in the middle of our vibrant skate park! No, it’s not dropping into a half-pipe or carving up the bowls – this high-tech cruiser is on a smooth mission to keep our sidewalks as flawless as a freshly waxed curb. ️

As it rolls out from the colorful concrete waves, the SST is ensuring every footpath is as perfect for your sneakers as it is for our wheels. Because whether you skate, stroll, or sprint, New Smyrna Beach’s sidewalks are becoming the main stage for the ultimate ground game. ️

Stay tuned as our SST takes the term ‘street style’ to a whole new level – where safety meets swag, and every pavement is a playground. Sidewalks beware, you’re about to become the smoothest talk of the town!

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