Celebrating Engineer’s Week!

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Celebrating Engineer’s Week!

As we embark on Engineers Week, it’s time to cast the spotlight on three extraordinary talents within ICC-IMS, whose pioneering work and relentless dedication are propelling the frontiers of engineering excellence and innovation.

Michael Nieminen, PE, P.Eng – At the helm as our CEO, Michael brings a treasure trove of knowledge with over two decades in the realm of pavement condition analysis and asset inventory. His visionary leadership has been pivotal in transforming the paradigms of data collection and processing, setting new precedents in technology infusion, and enhancing the quality of our outputs.

Kurt Keifer, PhD, PE – As the Director of Client Solutions and our Principal Engineer, Kurt’s quarter-century journey in pavement engineering and management has been marked by groundbreaking contributions. His pioneering work in the development of sophisticated pavement imaging and profiling technologies has redefined industry standards, placing us at the apex of innovation.

Laura Wagner-Bartz, PE – Leading our Consulting Services division, Laura’s impressive 20-year career in civil engineering and project management is a testament to her profound expertise in asset management solutions. Her methodical approach and unwavering commitment to project excellence have been vital in propelling our team toward unprecedented success.

In the collective brilliance of Michael, Kurt, and Laura, we find the essence of innovation and a steadfast commitment to excellence that epitomizes ICC-IMS. Join us in celebrating their achievements and contributions to the engineering community this Engineers Week!

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