Introducing the Every Speed Profiler (ESP) - Revolutionizing Road Profiling Technology!

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Introducing the Every Speed Profiler (ESP) - Revolutionizing Road Profiling Technology!

Breaking News from ICC at RPUG!

Hey, have you heard?! ICC is proud to introduce the Every Speed Profiler (ESP), a groundbreaking innovation in road profiling technology!

Innovation at its Best:
ESP delivers on-demand profile and IRI data collection at ANY speed! Whether it’s 35 mph, 5 mph, slowing down, speeding up, or even coming to a complete stop, ESP ensures accuracy and repeatability that exceed DOT pass/fail criteria.

How It Works:
Using a proprietary and patented solution, ESP overcomes the “low-speed problem” of traditional profilers. With dual-line lasers and a novel algorithm, ESP measures longitudinal profiles accurately, even in stop-and-go traffic conditions. This means accurate roughness measurements, or IRI, on ALL roads, including congested urban routes!

Unrivaled Performance:
ESP’s results speak for themselves! Left and Right IRI measurements across various speed scenarios show consistent and repeatable data, with an average coefficient of variation of only 1.2%. This level of accuracy meets the most stringent DOT requirements, ensuring reliable year-to-year comparisons.

What Sets ESP Apart:
The ESP’s unique design and patented working principle set a new standard in road profiling. With accuracy surpassing AASHTO R56 standards and cross-correlation scores of 0.97 or above, ESP is certified for excellence. Plus, with accuracies within a coefficient of variation of 1.5% or better on dense-graded pavements, ESP delivers reliable data even during stop-and-go driving!

Join the Conversation at RPUG:
Excited to learn more? Ask us about the ESP at RPUG and discover how this new technology is revolutionizing road profiling, paving the way for smarter transportation infrastructure! Don’t miss out on this game-changing technology!

Can’t make it to RPUG, no problem, contact us at

Let’s shape the future of transportation together!

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