Happy Canada Day!

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Happy Canada Day!

To our dearest Canadian staff, friends, partners, and clients – Happy Canada Day!

Canada Day is celebrated on July 1st and marks the anniversary of the Canadian Confederation in 1867. This day commemorates the joining of the colonies of the United Canadas (Ontario and Quebec), Nova Scotia, and New Brunswick into the single dominion of Canada within the British Empire.

As we celebrate Canada’s birthday, let us recognize the journey towards full sovereignty, culminating in the patriation of the Canadian Constitution in 1982. Today, Canada Day is a federal statutory holiday filled with nationwide celebrations and festivities by Canadians at home and around the world!

On this day let us also acknowledge the importance of the Canadian transportation infrastructure, particularly the many kilometers of roads that connect the country. From the Trans-Canada Highway to local roads, the Canadian transportation network symbolizes the unity and progress of the nation. These roads are the lifelines keeping communities connected and the economy growing, reflecting the spirit of collaboration and innovation that defines Canada.

So, today let us celebrate Canada’s incredible journey and the vital infrastructure that brings everybody together.

Here’s to a very happy birthday, Canada!

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