ICC Launches New Website

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ICC Launches New Website

Largo, FL – International Cybernetics launched its new corporate website today at www.internationalcybernetics.com.
The site features ICC’s new equipment and software products as well as its growing service offerings.

“We are introducing our new branding to the industry,” said Jason Trotter, Director of Business Development. “We have improved the design of our equipment and rolled out many new software features in the past year. Our branding has now been updated to reflect that innovation, even as our commitment to customer success remains the same.”

ICC’s road condition survey equipment is now called the Iris™ family of products. This includes the IrisPRO™, IrisPRO+™, and IrisPRO Pave™. Safety and friction survey equipment is now called SFT. Reference devices continue to be called SurPRO and FTM.

The site also describes the many types of services increasingly provided by ICC.

“We’ve been selected by several civil engineering firms to provide data collection as a service, data processing as a service, and complete turnkey road condition as a service,” said Michael Nieminen, CEO. “I see this as one of the growth areas for the company. Our team has tremendous expertise with the equipment, software, and data processing, and we want to make that experience available to the industry.”

ICC provides data collection and processing at competitive, fixed-price rates, allowing pavement engineers to focus on data analysis, treatment optimization, and maintenance planning. ICC’s other services include safety and friction surveys, quality control of new construction, and supporting equipment validation requirements found in state Data Quality Management Plans (DQMP).

Find out more at www.internationalcybernetics.com.

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