ICC Delivers all-new IrisPRO Pave to PennDOT

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ICC Delivers all-new IrisPRO Pave to PennDOT

Largo, FL – International Cybernetics (ICC) delivered the latest IrisPRO Pave mobile data collection vehicle to the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT), one of ICC’s original founding customers and key partner.   

This will count as ICC’s 8th LCMS-2 deliveryThe LCMS-2 is the best commercially available 3D pavement sensor, and it is skillfully integrated into the IrisPRO Pave along with other critical subsystems, like digital images and DGPS coordinates.   

The IrisPRO automated data collection family of pavement condition systems operate at traffic speeds and with a range of available sensors. To support ongoing quality data collection, the access to sensors, wiring, computers, and other critical areas have been made easy so conducting on-going maintenance and in field live support is more efficient than ever before. Manufactured mindfully to measure with confidence and monitor with ease! 

Have confidence in the data, maximize investments,

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