SFT XR Being Outfitted for the LTRC

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SFT XR Being Outfitted for the LTRC

Largo, FL – International Cybernetics (ICC) is proud to work with the Louisiana Transportation Research Center (LTRC). For over 30 years, the LTRC pavement evaluation group has investigated “ways to improve roadway performance, extend the life of pavements, enhance safety, and reduce costs associated with construction, operation, and maintenance of the state highway system”. ICC is currently outfitting a new Safety Friction Tester (SFT) XR for the LTRC; with its almost 1,000 Gallon water tank, the XR chassis is capable of conducting 3 times as much testing before needing to be refilled.

Over 50% of fatal crashes are due to roadway departures, and pavements with insufficient friction when wet is one of the leading road-related factors per FHWA analysis. With its extended range, ICC’s SFT XR is perfect for network-level safety testing, enabling transportation agencies to identify current and potential safety problems proactively!

Meeting critical ASTM and AASHTO standards, as well as offering options for imaging and texture to enhance captured friction data, the ICC SFT provides robust, efficient, and reliable friction data for roadways, bridges, and specialized pavements, such as patterned pavements and HFST.

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