GVMC to Collect & Review Data with ICC’s IrisPRO+, Drive, & Connect!

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GVMC to Collect & Review Data with ICC’s IrisPRO+, Drive, & Connect!

Largo, FL – Crucial data-driven decisions are based on the quality of the data collected and quality depends on the equipment used. The Grand Valley Metropolitan Council (GVMC), an ICC customer for over 16 years, will gather road network information using their new, innovative IrisPRO+ data collection vehicle. The system delivers ICC’s renowned data accuracy and reliability, while brings an enhanced ability to evaluate pavements and assets. Right of Way (ROW) images and condition data gathered by will provide critical data to support decision makers, allowing for optimized maintenance plans for their Michigan community.

Recently the GVMC gained possession of its new IrisPRO+, equipped with a 5-point laser profiler, GPS, and front/rear facing right-of-way cameras. Training was also completed alongside GVMC’s Mike Zonyk, Transportation Planner & GIS Specialist, and Brad Doane, Transportation Planner. Facilitated by ICC’s Spencer Derriman, it covered the operation of and how to get the most out of ICC’s equipment and software, including the latest versions of ICC’s collection software and processing software.

Don’t leave data collection to chance! Rely on ICC’s IrisPRO, trusted by transportation agencies, engineers, and professionals everywhere.


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