ICC Announces Merger with IMS

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ICC Announces Merger with IMS

Largo, FL – International Cybernetics Company, LP (ICC) is pleased to announce that it has concluded a deal to acquire Infrastructure Management Services, LLC (IMS). Based in Tempe, Arizona, IMS is one of the largest providers of pavement management services to municipalities and counties in the United States. This partnership brings together industry-leading technology development and software teams, pavement engineers, data processing specialists, field operators, and equipment build teams into one organization. The transaction closed on May 27, 2022.

Each organization brings distinctive strengths to the partnership. ICC and IMS will continue to operate as two independent brands, serving their respective clients. ICC will primarily focus on providing turn-key services and data collection technology to DOTs and civil engineering firms, and IMS will deliver engineering-led consulting services to municipalities and counties.

ICC and IMS already operate with compatible technology. Three of the Road Surface Tester (RST) systems owned by IMS were built by ICC two years ago, and there has been regular contact between the companies during this time. Both firms are active and well-known in the same market space, providing road condition assessment and asset management services to government agencies.

The leadership teams of both organizations will remain in place and will work together to ensure customer success and continuity of project execution throughout the merger process. IMS will continue to be led by Kurt Keifer, Ph.D., P.E., President. ICC will continue to be led by Michael Nieminen, P.E., P.Eng., CEO. Michael and Kurt, who have known each other for many years, will initially focus their joint efforts on areas where the combined organization can deliver more complete, higher-quality services to the industry. Together with their teams, they will also pursue logical harmonization of technologies and processes in the year ahead. This initiative promises to unlock more value for the historical customers of each company. Derek Turner, Executive Chairman at IMS, will support the merger in an interim capacity, assisting with a smooth transition and good communication between the teams.

“I’m excited by the combination of talent and technology between our firms,” said Kurt Keifer. “We have world-class pavement engineers, GIS analysts, and data processing professionals joining with equipment experts and software engineers. Our combined customer base will soon begin seeing the benefits.”

Michael Nieminen agreed. “This merger really opens the door to significant innovation in the years to come. Our focus on software that enables true automation, high-quality data, and repeatability is complementary to the consultative approach taken by IMS. Kurt and I have been comparing notes and found that the alignment between our approaches is incredible.”

IMS has completed projects for over 600 city and county agencies, 22 large-scale public works departments, and 9 state agencies and transportation authorities. IMS has supplied data for more than 15 different software platforms, ranging from their proprietary systems to 3rd party programs including Lucity; Deighton’s dTIMS; Hansen’s Street Module; Cartegraph; MTC’s StreetSaver; PAVER; and StreetLogix.

ICC has been building data collection equipment used around the world since 1975. In recent years, ICC launched the Iris family of road survey vehicles powered by Drive™ software, along with the Connect™ analysis software, which streamlines data collection and processing workflows while improving quality. ICC launched its own Services division in 2019 which has completed over 70 successful projects to date. With a strong emphasis on customer service, timeliness, and repeatability, ICC has also been selected as a data collection partner by a growing number of State Departments of Transportation in the last 18 months.

For more information, please contact Michael Nieminen at mnieminen@internationalcybernetics.com or Kurt Keifer at kkeifer@imsanalysis.com.

ICC website: https://www.internationalcybernetics.com

IMS website: https://www.imsanalysis.com

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