Roads, Preservation, & ICC Solutions

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Roads, Preservation, & ICC Solutions

Largo, FL – Its construction has been called “the greatest public works program in the history of the world”. Its journey can take you past mountains, valleys, plains, deserts, airports, and waterways as well as connect you from rural picturesque landscapes into the hearts of cities. No matter the destination, its users expect it to be in good condition. What am I?

The American roadway system!

Users today expect reliable roads, a smooth ride, and a safe transportation system without delays. To make this happen, the industry took a different philosophy, keeping good roads in good condition. Transitioning from the traditional manner of fixing the worst roads first and using innovative preservation methods, pavement service life is extended, and service quality is improved. Times have changed and the focus now is on preserving and maintaining roads.

Current, accurate, and detailed data is used to make maintenance decisions. It can help demonstrate funding amounts required to maintain pavement life at a certain level, ultimately saving time and money in the long run.

Need to analyze road/runway conditions or friction resistance or verify construction quality?

ICC Equipment, Services, Software.
Better Data for Better Decisions.

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