Training with the City of Columbia, SC!

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Training with the City of Columbia, SC!

Columbia, SC – Successful pavement management incorporates cyclical phases of pavement design, management, maintenance, and planning into the planning and forecasting process, typically associated with data collection activities. Last week, International Cybernetics (ICC) was on-site with partner ESP Associates at the City of Columbia providing training to Public Works staff on their PAVER software and updated pavement condition data.

A survey provides the current pavement condition from which maintenance programming and budgets can be developed. To make the most of the system, up-to-date completed maintenance, current construction costs, and near- and long-term goal planning should also be incorporated into reporting and planning activities.

User training offers a better understanding of the features and functionality of PAVER. By incorporating hands-on activities, using the City’s current condition data from this project, City staff could apply lessons to real scenarios. Danilo Balzarini, Ph.D trained staff on pavement management foundations, leveraging detailed condition data to make treatment decisions, and developing models, empowering city staff to plan maintenance and explore “what if” scenarios they may want to consider.

Better Data for Better Decisions.

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