ICC’s DFT and Safety at Airports

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ICC’s DFT and Safety at Airports

New Hampshire & Mississippi, USA – The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) advises, “Every runway for jet aircraft should be evaluated at least once each year.” Therefore, to maintain runway safety standards, airports conduct pavement testing to prevent unsafe scenarios. Over time, depending on aircraft type, activity, weather, environmental issues, etc. pavement characteristics change. Contaminants like rubber deposits, jet fuel, oil spillage, water, snow, ice, and slush, all affect the runway pavement surfaces and decrease the surface’s friction properties.

Recently   was completing DFT equipment maintenance, training, and testing at several US airports. They included Portsmouth International Airport at Pease, New Hampshire, which was a designated emergency landing site for the Space Shuttle, and Gulfport Biloxi International Airport (GPT), Mississippi, which welcomes 800,000 travelers annually. Both manage commercial and military flights.

ICC’s DFT, used by airport authorities around the world, is a tow-behind continuous friction measurement device that is approved by FAA and measures the pavements’ friction characteristics.

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