Friction Services for South Dakota Department of Transportation

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Friction Services for South Dakota Department of Transportation

South Dakota – Longtime customer, Truesdell Corporation, tasked to bring its SFT and perform locked wheel friction collection services on High Friction Surface Treatment sites throughout South Dakota.

According to the Federal Highway Administration “By applying a skid-resistant surface, HFSTs are proven to dramatically and immediately reduce crashes, injuries, and fatalities associated with friction issues.” The South Dakota Department of Transportation is using HFST, which only had been intended to reduce crashes in wet road conditions, in an innovative way to reduce road departure crashes with winter road conditions as a contributing factor. Past data* showed a 78% reduction in run-offroad crashes in 2015 when compared to the 2009-2013 annual average and saw an 89% reduction for 2016.

With the mission to provide a safe and effective public transportation system, SDDOT is fulfilling its goal by applying HFST on targeted areas of SD roadways to help improve safety. They estimate the use of the treatment is anticipated to save $88 million in societal crash costs.

ICC’s friction testers meet ASTM industry standards and are operated by an ICC-certified technician. All friction data will be analyzed, processed, and quality control checked by ICC’s experienced service department team. It will also be delivered into a comprehensive data report to help direct future pavement management decisions.


ICC Services. Better Data. Better Decisions.

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