Meet Megan!

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Meet Megan!

Megan Foshee, EIT, is one of our superstar Staff Engineers who is equal parts pavement pro and doggo-whisperer. She is based in McKinney, Texas, and is a graduate of Auburn University. (WAR EAGLE!)

Let’s get to know her better!

What do you love most about your job?

I love that I get to work in essentially all areas of the business, interact directly with clients, and help agencies better understand how to manage their pavement and asset networks.

What do you think is the most important skill that a successful professional should have?

I think it’s extremely important to be able to write and speak effectively. Complex and technical ideas can be difficult to convey to an audience, especially if they are not familiar with the subject matter. But in my opinion, being able to put these ideas into words and phrases that the audience can follow and relate to sets the writer/speaker apart from the rest.

Do you follow any sports teams?

I love all sports! But right now, I am very focused on following the United States Women’s National Soccer Team as they play in the World Cup later this month. They have everything they need to win it all in August!

What are some of your favorite local spots to visit?

Me, my husband, and our dog love to go to local farmers’ markets, wineries, and restaurants. Also, my husband and I love going to places nearby that let you play sports as you eat (like TopGolf). Where we live, there are restaurants where you can play pickleball and fowling (a combination of football and bowling). These places are really a ton of fun!

How has your role evolved since you joined the ICC/IMS team?

I have always been a part of the engineering team and worked on the engineering side of projects, but sometimes my responsibilities extend past engineering. Since I joined ICC/IMS in June 2022, I have helped rework our final report deliverable, coordinate GIS and processing work, develop proposal content, reach out to potential clients at nearby conferences, and attend pre-bid proposal meetings and shortlist interviews.

What do you think makes you unique as an ICC/IMS team member?

I think my personality and ability to see the big picture make me unique as an ICC/IMS team member.

What methods or tools do you use to stay organized?

I really love using the Microsoft Planner app! As I’m sure many others can relate, I get assigned tasks by several different people at various times. This is hard to manage on my own, but the Planner app allows me to create tiles for all of the tasks in one interface and move the tiles around to prioritize accordingly.

What methods do you use to stay motivated and focused?

My DeLonghi coffee maker ensures that I never lose motivation or focus! Editor’s note: DeLonghi, contact us for a long list of caffeine-fueled, potential ambassadors!

What is your favorite food?

My favorite food is chicken alfredo or really anything with pasta!

Do you have any hidden talents?

My hidden talent is that I am a dog whisperer. All dogs love me, and I love them!


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