Sidewalk Surface Tester FAQs

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Sidewalk Surface Tester FAQs

Our Sidewalk Surface Tester (SST) is gearing up for some BIG adventures in 2024. Let’s get to know this friendly “pedestrian patroller”!

The SST’s mission is to redefine accessibility, safety, and quality in pedestrian infrastructure, contributing to the overall well-being of communities. Here are some important FAQs about the SST:

What is the Sidewalk Surface Tester (SST) and why might I see it in my community?
The Sidewalk Surface Tester (SST) is a specialized tool used by trained field crews to assess and evaluate the condition of sidewalks in cities, counties, and municipalities. It helps us identify areas that may need maintenance or rehabilitation to ensure safe and accessible walkways for residents.

How does the SST work?
The SST is equipped with cameras and sensors that measure and record the surface conditions of sidewalks. It assesses factors such as cracks, erosion, slope, grade, obstructions, and lack of accessibility features. The data collected helps us prioritize areas that may require attention to maintain or improve sidewalk quality.

Why is sidewalk maintenance important?
Maintaining sidewalks is crucial for ensuring the safety and accessibility of pedestrian walkways. Regular assessments and repairs help prevent trip hazards, uneven surfaces, and deterioration. This creates a safer environment for everyone in the community.

Will the SST disrupt pedestrian traffic or people’s daily routine?
Our crews are committed to minimizing disruptions to residents. The SST is designed to be non-intrusive, and our field crews are trained to work efficiently without causing inconvenience to pedestrians. We appreciate your cooperation as we work to enhance sidewalk safety in your areas.

How can I report a sidewalk concern in my neighborhood?
We encourage residents to report sidewalk concerns promptly to community leaders. Your city or municipality typically has a citizen service hotline for reporting issues. Most community websites also provide an online reporting option. Your input helps prioritize areas needing attention.

What happens after the SST assessment?
The data collected by the SST guides our sidewalk maintenance and rehabilitation program. Once the assessment is complete, our engineers prioritize areas for maintenance based on the severity of issues identified. This proactive approach helps us address concerns before they become more significant problems.

How often might we see the SST in our communities?
The frequency of SST assessments depends on various factors, including local regulations, weather conditions, and the overall condition of sidewalks. Our goal is to conduct regular assessments to ensure the ongoing safety and quality of pedestrian walkways in your community.

Do you have sidewalks in your community that could use some TLC? If so,

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