ICC Connect™ software can now process Dynatest RSP & MFV data

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ICC Connect™ software can now process Dynatest RSP & MFV data

Largo, FL – ICC is pleased to announce that the ICC Connect™ software can now process data from third-party collection vehicles. This landmark new capability initially includes processing data from Dynatest RSP profilers and Dynatest MFV multi-function vehicles. Support for other data collection vehicles will be added soon. The screenshot above shows data collected by a Dynatest MFV with RSP, LCMS, GPS, Right-of-way Camera, and Events.

How is this possible when each vendor has proprietary file formats?

Connect’s architecture allows for the mapping of any data source to its well-known data structures. During the data importation process, the software loads the data from the third-party file formats into the Connect™ data structure and from there Connect™ can work with the data as normal. For example, users can immediately begin processing LCMS data in the cloud even if the existing software does not support this. With Connect™, users of other data collection equipment can gain powerful new data analysis and reporting capabilities without upgrading the hardware. Also, the data processing workflow can be automated and simplified considerably. Additionally, this new version includes the ability to draw distresses as polygons and polylines to meet certain customer requirements for creating highly accurate reference data sets.

ICC Connect™ 1.5.7 was released on March 15, 2021 with many other new features and improvements as well. Note: This development by ICC is independent of any formal collaboration with third-party equipment vendors.

to see how our software can enhance your road condition analysis.

Stay tuned for our case study, as Connect™ provides timely data processing for an international client, with a personal connection to one of our very own Danilo Balzirini, Ph.D!

Equipping Data Driven Decisions.

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