Iris is in Arizona!

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Iris is in Arizona!

Arizona, USA – Gathering geospatial roadway data and inventory for the Arizona Department of Transportation on 15,000 miles of Arizona roadways is keeping ICC’s professional field team busy! Presenting both a challenging and exciting opportunity, the  and team are working across the beautiful state of Arizona! With extreme heat, weather events such as monsoons, and extreme elevation changes, the physical components of the IrisPRO Pave are being thoroughly tested. Thankfully, with customized cooling and sensor racks and ruggedized computers, the system is up to the challenge.

A crucial project objective is not only to measure the condition of the road network but to measure it correctly. ICC’s services are efficient, using our own engineered, high-speed equipment that provides robust, tightly synchronized raw data. Data specialists, using ICC’s software, process the data to meet ADOT’s PMS and HPMS requirements.

Throughout the project, an explicit Data Quality Management Plan (DQMP) is applied to do rigid data quality checks, ensuring results can be trusted. This allows ADOT engineers to focus on pavement analysis, treatment optimization, and maintenance planning.

Better Data for Better Decisions.

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